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The best pizza in Hamburg

Inside Zweipunktnull in Altona / Ottensen

Inside Zweipunktnull in Altona / Ottensen

It’s no secret that my family and I love to eat. Let me clarify - I love to eat. and not sure by nature or nurture, but somehow I’ve succeeded in passing down my love of all things culinary to my kids. Which makes may heart very happy. My youngest son learned to make authentic Wiener Schnitzel by age 6 or 7 (no joke – they are the real deal – benefits of being with an Austrian!). My middle kid can fry up – thanks to YouTube – a tasty, juicy, burger that rivals restaurants. And my daughter has been baking and decorating beautiful cake creations for quite some time now.

So yes – we enjoy cooking, baking, and mostly eating. I used to joke that food is my love language, but in the meantime, it’s no longer a joke. Food is in fact a way I show and receive love. But let’s talk more about that another day. For now, I want to tell you about the best pizza you can eat in Hamburg. And maybe even the best in Germany. Honestly.

I’m not a professionally trained chef. I never studied the culinary arts in an official capacity. I have, however, been eating my whole life (which is now four solid decades of experience!). I also started baking cakes, biscuits, and pizza for my very large immediate family at age 10. I have run my own food business though, and I’ve traveled the world and if practical eating experience means anything, then yes – my loads of experience stuffing my face all over the planet means I know good food when I see – and taste it.

The first pizza recipe I wowed people with was from the PBS show Reading Rainbow. It was by no means Italian quality, but it was a tasty homemade pie that everyone enjoyed. That was the only pizza I baked myself for ages, because at some point interest in cake took over, and if it wasn’t sweet, I had no interest in baking it.

Fast forward to last year, when we left Berlin for Hamburg and my Austrian fiancé developed an obsession with all things dough, including pizza. He bought a book called Flour Water Salt Yeast and we discovered that you could make amazing, authentic-as-in-Italy pizza at home.

Around the same time as we were discovering the delicious simplicity of homemade dough, we were also out exploring Hamburg and it’s culinary offerings. He had been here longer than I and kept talking about a pizza place he’d been to with really good pizza called Zweipunktnull (which means two point zero in English). I was curious but slightly dismissive, because how good could pizza be at a place with that kind of name? Yes, I can be superficial like that.

The tastiest pizza

The tastiest pizza

Then one summer evening he took me to Zweipunktnull and my pizza life changed forever. Not even kidding. I couldn’t believe how delicious this pizza was/is. You get an entire plate of perfectly fluffy, chewy dough, charred in places from the hot stone oven it’s baked in, and with a depth in flavor that is simply unbeatable. The toppings are fresh and of the highest quality – I promise you. It’s as though they caught the red eye to Italy to purchase mozzarella and salami and flew right back to the restaurant with it – it is all that tasty and authentically Italian. And how could it not be?  Their pizza chef is in fact from Italy.

The restaurant itself is also lovely, as you can see in the photo above. In the summer they have outdoor seating, which of course fills up fast, so if you want to be sure you’ll get a place, take a couple minutes and reserve a table. It can also take a bit of time to get your food, so this is not the kind of restaurant you go to if you’re in a hurry. That said, it’s worth the wait. Believe me – if you’re a pizza lover, as I and my family are, do yourself a favor and make your next meal out be at Zweipunktnull. Then please come back and tell me about it!


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