Embracing Butter


Barcelona street

Ahhh, lovely Barcelona. How I adore you. I first visited the Catalan capitol back when I was 21 years old. Yes. I was a cute little blonde baby when I first visited and fell in love with the city … I’d been working in south Germany at the time and needed a break from the staunch Deutsch and bad weather. Visiting a girlfriend in sunny Spain seemed to be the perfect thing to do. And indeed it was! That summer I fell in love with the city (I may or may not have fallen in love with a French actor at the theater festival that summer as well … ) …

Barcelona Port

… And that love (for the city, not the silly French actor boy) was the reason I had to go back and see if it still held the same magic for me as it did back then. You know we humans work – we tend to glorify and magnify things of the past – former lovers, homes we used to live in, places we’ve visited. I had to see if I’d done this with Barcelona or if it was in fact that amazing – yet understated – a place.

Back then, at age twenty-one, I’d taken a train from Germany, through the south of France, all the way to Spain. It was a long and hot but beautiful and fun summer trip. This time, with children and a job and much less time than back then, I took a flight instead (which I crazily almost canceled out of fear of flying, but more on my crazy phobia another day … )

Barcelona bakery

Essentially, I had to go back to see if the city really did still captivate me. I’d tried to escape there for a weekend back in 2012, but that trip was apparently not meant to be, as the flight was canceled an hour before it should have left Berlin. But no canceled flight this time. Two and a half hours in a plane and I was there. Back in what I remembered as one of my favorite cities.

And did it disappoint? No, it did not. Barcelona has the same feeling about it as it did then. That and maybe a few more tourists. But the interesting thing about this trip, is that now that I am older and (hopefully) wiser, I could finally articulate why I like it so much. It isn’t just a feeing any more as it was before.

Place Royal

 So why do I love this city, you may ask? Well, because it’s beautiful but messy. Chaotic but calm. Relaxed and easy-going, yet somehow productive at the same time. In fact, when I describe the city, in a way I am describing myself and that is probably why I feel so at peace there. And unlike many other pristine European cities, Barcelona has a rugged charm that is hard not to love

Talya Sagrada

 While other cities are nice to visit as one would a museum, Barcelona is a place you come to LIVE … To eat, drink, dance, enjoy, and bask in the sun by a gorgeous blue sea (as long as it’s not cloudy, that is). And that, my friends, is why this place is in my world, second-to-none (and why I CAN’T WAIT to bring my children back with me in the summer so that they can enjoy it as well!).

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