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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Talya, the voice behind this blog. From time to time, my sister Lydia may write here as well, but I’m still working on her, so in the meantime all you get is little me.

So who am I? I’m an American woman who still calls The South “home” but has been living in Berlin since 2010. Which on some days is WAY too long. On others, it’s just right. I am also a (single) mom to three spunky kids, I’ve been working as a Recruiter for Startups here in Berlin and have my own business as a matchmaker helping singles in Berlin connect for love.

This blog is a collection of musings, and my adventures, and (many) misadventures. Stories about parenting, business, mom life, food, love, and Berlin all thrown together. I really really really love cake, coffee, wine, and the beach – so you’ll hear about those things as well.

I try to keep it light but also want to keep it real. I hope you enjoy!



p.s. If you’d like to connect with me, Facebook or Twitter are great ways to to do. 

p.p.s. If email is more your thing, you can reach me at talyashoup@gmail.com. 



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