Embracing Butter


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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Talya, the voice behind this blog. I’m an American woman who still calls The South “home” but has been living in Germany  since 2010. Which on some days is WAY too long. On others, it’s just right.

This blog is a collection of musings about eating, drinking, parenting, living and loving. As Germany is where me and my three not-so-tiny tots live, most posts are centered around life in Europe.

I try to keep it light but also want to keep it real, so don’t be shocked by the occasional post about faith, politics, and the grittier side of life. As much as I love the lighter side of things, I am a passionate believer in the God of the Bible and in the principles of freedom and liberty, so writing about both will happen from time to time.



p.s. If you’d like to connect with me, Twitter and email (talyashoup@gmail.com) are great ways to do so. 




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